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In the midst of a year like no other, we turned to our expert network of retail nerds and asked them to be open and brutally honest about their experiences in 2020. We asked for reflections and findings on the new meaning of 'customer expectation' and their predictions on what is peaking over the horizon.

Watch the videos, read the research and be better at boosting CX in peak 2020 and beyond...

Contributors include:

  • Paul Durkin, Managing Director of Digital and eFulfilment at Wincanton
  • Julia Dietz, Operations Director at Party Delights
  • Jonathan Beirne, Group Head of Customer at musicMagpie
  • Tim Jones, Director of Marketing at DPDGroup UK
  • Lindsey Aston, Head of Strategic Development at Hermes UK
  • Christopher Line, Carrier Manager at Cygnia Logistics
  • James Knowles, Head of Commercial Projects at Ascential Retail Week
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Peak has lasted nearly 12 months already, but the biggest test is yet to come. Golden Quarter 2020 is arriving. And it's adding even more orders, parcels and uncertainty into the mix...

Chapter one.


An honest review of the current retail landscape.

Chapter two.

Infographic: The state of CX.

Research, stats and figures; form a picture of the new world of customer behaviour and delivery expectations. With curated killer facts and info to help you with business cases, plans and presentations.

Chapter three.

The CX interviews.

Thought-provoking perspectives and key insights - with reflections on 2020 and predictions of 2021, to help shape your planning. Interviews and blogs from some of the industry’s top CX experts; including Wincanton, Hermes, DPD, Party Delights, musicMagpie, Cygnia Logistics and Retail Week.

Chapter four.

The conclusion.

A condensed wrap-up of key themes, findings and takeaways.

The CX Guide - Retail Experts on the Pandemic: Peak and 2021 predictions

CX Guide: Peak 2020 and beyond.