The CMS playbook: five plays to nail multi-carrier delivery.

Ecommerce is in flux - and with all that shopping, comes all that shipping.

Want your retail logistics operations to thrive?

Build a business case for multi-carrier delivery, get exclusive market insight and action our five plays in your warehouse now.

In this playbook, you’ll find:

  • Chapter one - The Market
    Research and exclusive intel on current market conditions – for the retail and the courier industry.
  • Chapter two - The Motive
    Drivers and blockers for different carrier management models, including common challenges retailers come up against.
  • Chapter three - The Models
    Review of ownership over carrier programmes and where that sits within a retail business, plus a direct comparison of some benefits and challenges of different carrier management routes.
  • Chapter four - Five plays to get you started
    Actionable tips for getting the most out of a CMS, with tips on the most effective ways to set up and get the most from the system. Each play is directly linked to technical API documentation, so IT teams can get a head start.
  • Chapter five - The Summary
    A wrap up of the playbook, with top takeaways and examples of retailers making big moves.

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Warehouse mission: operational flexibility, at the lowest cost, with the lowest risk of disruption, in a logistics landscape in flux.